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Spotlight On WeberMKT.com Creative Team

Kelly Vento, design genius

I knew I wanted to be an artist from the moment I picked up a crayon. I was quite the Picasso. With the inception of the Mac and Internet I was able to take my creativity to a whole new level. I put down my crayons, picked up a mouse and haven’t put it down since. Read More…

Joan Lenherr Neeno, incessant communicator

I wrote my first novel in sixth grade, two-finger pecking on a typewriter. Yet my original plan was to be a pop star. Go figure. After being a juvie Danielle Steele, my communications odyssey includes stints as a newspaper reporter, television writer/producer, PR Read More…

Sid Heezen, web designer/developer

Sid Heezen, Owner of Heezen Web DesignI build web sites. I love my job and I think that comes through in my work to implement creative web solutions for fellow small business owners. I’ve always had a knack for thinking spatially (I’m that friend who packs the U-Haul just right) Read More…

Tips and Tricks

  • Setting up and managing a successful SEO campaign takes patience and persistence. Read more
  • Think of your web site as you would scripting a cold call — you have seconds to make a lasting impression. Read more
  • Find a niche and focus your personal online brand there to be most effective. Read more
  • Create content that creates an emotional connection with your audience. Read more
  • Avoid mistakes so large that your company can’t get back on its feet. Read more
  • When producing content be efficient and find several ways to use the content. Read more