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Join Sarah Hurley with special guests for these upcoming virtual roundtable panel discussions. Each event will focus on real marketing strategies and operational efforts necessary to make a difference in marketing results.
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The Importance of Marketing Operations

Friday, November 20

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM​​

The unsung hero of marketing success. Period. You can buy the latest and greatest marketing automation tool or media package, but if you don't have anyone internally that understands the connection, technology or output of your investment, you might as well save your pennies. Join our panel for this interactive conversation as we dig deep into what goes on behind the scenes of the marketing engine and why it might be a make-or-break factor with the direction you take your marketing efforts.

Guest Panelists:

Staci Wilk
Director of Integrated Project Management at Healthgrades


Melissa Marquart

Senior Advisor at FarWell

Collaboration Between
HR and Marketing

Friday, October 16

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM​​   --- COMPLETED

Whether you are looking for new talent or researching a CRM, the relationship between your Human Resource and Marketing team is vital to achieve successful outcomes. Join our panel to hear from local HR professionals on how they work with and benefit from an increase in collaboration with their marketing counterparts.

Guest Panelists:

Stephanie Pohlman

Vice President of Talent Management at Exact Sciences


Traci Scherck

HR Consultant at Elevated Talent Consulting

The Impact of Strategic Planning                        

Friday, September 18

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM​​     --- COMPLETED

 (or lack thereof)

If you are indecisive about which direction to take your marketing or unhappy with your marketing results, chances are you skipped over one or two important steps. Business goals, marketing strategy and marketing planning are three unique phases in establishing a direction for your marketing. Each is equally deserving of your time and focus. Join us as our guest panelists discuss how taking a disciplined approach to marketing leads to greater business results.

Guest Panelists:

Harvey Briggs

Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation at OBX Thinking

Leslie Osman

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Park Bank

Meet Your Host and Moderator:

Sarah Hurley

Owner, Director of Client Marketing at Weber Marketing

Sarah provides strategic marketing consulting, planning, project management, resource development, budget development and creative direction for B2B and B2C clients.

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