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I am Weber Marketing.

I am the receptionist, IT staff, bookkeeper, business development rep, marketing director and everything in between. But my day job is often filling a marketing resource gap for my clients. I partner with a select group of area creative, media and digital specialists to bring my clients’ visions to life.


I bring 20 years of agency and client-side experience to every project. I understand the frustrations and challenges on both sides of the table and bring that awareness to every assignment. 


I know how hard it is to be a client with great ideas and too few resources to put them into motion. And as an agency account exec, I had the chance to work on diverse projects with a wide range of creative talent. Because of those experiences, I understand and appreciate everything that goes into a successful marketing program and have the projects to prove it.


Just as important, those experiences helped me to be a good project manager, a good project partner and to understand the power of good communication and good listening. You’ll find I put a lot of emphasis on setting my client, creative team and other partner relationships up for success. 


I enjoy teaching, coaching and learning! I strive to be a continuous learner. As much as I enjoy guiding my clients down the marketing path, I also enjoy what I learn from each experience. 


I’m the mom of three awesome, active kids, which is like a master’s level course in project management. I’m the happy wife of Jesse, who owns Masterpiece Exteriors, Inc. I’ve worked alongside him in the small business environment, navigating the delicate dance of competing with the “big boys” while delivering great customer service and strong work.


When the computer is shut down and the notifications on my phone are turned off, I enjoy watching Wisconsin sports, coaching/practicing with/watching my kids in their extra-curricular activities, hanging out with my family and friends, and kicking back with a classic Wisconsin beverage, an Old Fashioned. 


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Connect with me here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Work Samples
What Clients Have to Say

“She has a passion for helping her clients succeed and flourish with the projects she is involved with.”

"Sarah is absolutely exceptional to work with! She can see the marketing potential in anything and the results not just immediately but also into the future."


Executive Director

Paula Severson

“.....she has been instrumental in defining and shaping marketing campaigns from initial vision down to the important details that make or break a program's success. She is great at thinking through the end-to-end experience for the target audience of a particular campaign, to ensure it achieves its end goal.”


Director, Product Marketing

Virginia Howland

"Sarah is a consummate professional who was always on-time, well-prepared, and executed within budgets."


Director, North American Channels & Alliances

Mike Kerr

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