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Tip 9 of 10 On Being A Small Business Owner: Invest Your TIME In Marketing

You have to, HAVE TO, take time to market yourself and/or your business. For my own business, I am terrible at this. For clients, I can come up with a marketing plan  in no time. The ideas just flow effortlessly. However, when it comes time to think about ideas for myself -- nope, noda. 

Lately I've had to remind myself something I tell my clients all the time,"If you want something out of marketing (or business development efforts), you have to be willing to invest your TIME."

For example, these videos I've been posting for the last week. Are they perfect? Nope! What did they cost me? Time. And as a small business owner, my time is about all I can afford to invest right now so I might as well make the most of it.

Hear tip #9 here:

Are you good about carving out time for your own business development efforts?

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